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Dear Fran,
I just got your e-mail and it brought tears to my eyes.  I can't believe that the chance meeting we had yesterday with your friend would result in
finding out that you had one of Bleu's babies.
Thank you for letting me know how "special" she was to you and your family.  I'm so glad she got such a loving home at that time of her life.  Her daddy was a true gentleman with a beautiful spirit.  I get e-mails frequently from people who have had his offspring and are trying to find another pup like their Bleu
I don't know if you know about the Labrador Quarterly magazine.  It's devoted strictly to labs and comes out four times a year.  Bleu was featured as the spotlight dog in Fall of 2010.  I believe you can buy single issues as well.
All of the dogs on my site go back to him and he was inflential in several kennels getting started with his offspring.  His head was one of the prettiest I have ever seen in forty years in Labs.  The softness in his expression still takes my breath away.
I so appreciate your comments.  I'm very proud of the dogs I've produced, not only the champions, but the therapy dogs, and mostly loving family companions.
The litter that your friend saw was from Mattie, a Bleu grandaughter.  She's under the girls category and litter info.  Five of her eight pups are going to homes of people that already have one of my dogs and are adding a second.  I take that as a lovely compliment not only to me but to the legacy of "Bleu"!!
Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.  Thank you for my first gift, your kind e-mail.



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